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~ Karen Brantley REALTOR®
"Dream the life. Live the dream."

You are looking for the ideal home--  I want to help you find it and buy it. Our mission together is to discover a way for you to own the home you're dreaming about!  RE/MAX Alliance is my home office in Mandeville, Louisiana. Through RE/MAX we enjoy the support of an international company and its multitude of services.  If you want to buy or sell a Northshore Dream Home, I'm ready and willing to help!

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~Karen's REVIEWS . . . .


"Our son saw a house for sale with another agent's sign/picture and he told me that 'those people should call Miss Karen and that way they can really sell their house!' (Smart boy!)"  

~Madisonville, Louisiana


"Karen has gone above and beyond in helping us... She provided so much help and expertise... A great team member...."

 ~Mandeville, Louisiana


"Karen is the best in her field!! She was truly a blessing sent from God to our family, and we will forever be grateful to God for blessing us  with her! "                                                   ~Covington, Louisiana


"Karen's been the best agent ever!!! sweet. Her hard work paid off. Everyone is amazed at how perfect my new place is for me. It has been a pleasure working with her, and her tireless efforts made my dream come true.               I will certainly recommend her to anyone I know in need of a REALTOR."                            

~Mandeville, Louisiana


"Karen was unrelenting in her quest to get my home sold for the best price possible and in the shortest time. Her advice in preparing my home for sale paid off big time. It sold in less than 4 weeks - for cash!"                  

~Mandeville, Louisiana


"My biggest fear was that the house would not sell for enough and the REALTOR would not assist me in achieving my goal. Did it come true???? Absolutely NOT !! I got what I needed and the house sold quickly. My favorite part was the absolute flow of communication. Never once did I feel out of the loop. If I were to recommend Karen to a friend, I would say do it !! She is like one of the family."    

~Covington, Louisiana


"Karen was diligent with our home search and sensitive to our particular needs. She was patient and caring, going above and beyond for us.   A wonderful agent to have on our side!  I highly recommend her."                         ~Mandeville, Louisiana


"Much thanks to Karen for her professional guidance through the process. She has a passion for her work that is impressive!"

~Covington, Louisiana


"One word to describe Karen: knowledgeable! From start to finish we felt like we were in the best hands possible with Karen, who always looked out for our best interests. She was very sharp and noticed every detail, from contract negotiation to giving us tips about movers and packing. She went above and beyond and somehow managed to be the picture of professionalism while at the same time being friendly and caring. If a friend or family member needs an agent, I will not have to think twice about sending them to Karen!"

~Madisonville, Louisiana


"Karen is the greatest! She listens to you and she really thinks about what you’re looking for in a house. Then she comes up with four or five great ideas and patiently leads you through them, pointing out strengths and weaknesses. If those houses don’t work for you, no problem: you just continue the process. She is patient, persistent, and good-humored. With Karen, I can’t imagine going wrong. She makes it her job to make sure that you make good decisions. She even made it an enjoyable process. She’s intelligent and funny and very candid. It was a pleasure to spend time with her! I would definitely recommend her to friends, family, neighbors, even total strangers. She’s the greatest!"

~Slidell, Louisiana


"My biggest fear was not finding the right house. It did not happen. We found a cute house that fits our family. I think my favorite part was dealing with Karen. She is very sweet and gives a lot of helpful input. I would tell my friends that they should definitely use Karen. She is very easy to work with. She looks for properties that seem to match your personal interests."                                                    

~Mandeville, Louisiana


"I love my house. I am thankful for Karen each time I press my garage door opener! Such bliss to have a garage and a cozy house."

~Covington, Louisiana


"The day I met Karen in front of my next door neighbor's house, which she had just sold, I knew we would have a good connection, and that I would enjoy working with her. Karen was able to get along with everyone, negotiate well with both sides, and always so professional."

~Mandeville, Louisiana


"I had a wonderful first time home buying experience with Karen from our very first meeting. She made me and my husband feel very comfortable. We built a wonderful relationship with her. She got to know my husband and family very well, and through this, she knew exactly what we were looking for in a new home. She guided us through the process of our purchase and addressed any concerns we had as first time home buyers. We love our new home. We are forever grateful to her, as well as the real estate resource professionals with whom she works."

 ~Folsom, Louisiana


"Karen stopped at nothing to make sure my husband and I found our dream home. She was very professional and fun to work with."

~Mandeville, Louisiana


"My biggest fear was that we would not be able to find a place that met our criteria in time--but we found the perfect spot that exceeded our expectations and even moved in quicker than we thought!  My favorite part of finding a home was having someone (Karen!) on our side looking out for our best interests and making sure we made the right choice. It can be a stressful process, but having someone trustworthy to help keep you calm makes all the difference. Karen is an absolute angel! She will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy and feel secure in your new home. She is a joy to work with."      

~Ponchatoula, Louisiana