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When you walk into any Louisiana RE/MAX brokerage, you will discover a community of REALTORS, each with something special to offer.
Of course, you find dedicated real estate professionals, who are ready and willing to assist you with all your real estate needs--
but the bonus is that the agents represent so much more! As you get to know us, you discover community-minded folks who are working in various projects to help people and institutions in our community, agents with varied interests ranging from art, quilting, patriotic organization participation, gardening, farming, ranching, authors, bikers, food experts, cooking experts, yogis, sports sponsors and supporters, bowlers, musicians, historians, animal-lovers, fashion experts and more! Our varied interests is one of the building blocks of our strength as a company. These threads of unique personalities, traits and talents weave the fabric of our RE/MAX community, extending to our southeast Louisiana community. We believe in helping others. We believe in each other. We believe in doing the right thing. We support each other and we seek to support our community. That's the foundation and strength of RE/MAX and COMMUNITY.

Increase Your Awareness of Wire Fraud


Good business is smart business!

Stay ahead of wire fraud:

During the process of BUYING and/or SELLING a home, you should never receive an email request from your real estate agent to wire funds. If you receive such a request from anyone involved in your home-sale transaction process, DON"T DO IT. Immediately contact your agent, lender and title processor if you receive an email asking you to wire funds.  

This precaution helps to stay ahead of criminals attempting to commit wire fraud. Additionally, after the conclusion of the Act of Sale, it is recommended you check and double-check that your proceeds-funds are deposited to the correct account in a timely manner.

One more tip: Remember to change your email password regularly (perhaps the same day weekly)... especially if you use gmail or yahoo.

How to Prevent Wire Transfer Fraud

Mardi Gras Magic


Mardi Gras came to our shores in 1699 with the French explorers and was celebrated until the Spanish took control. When Louisiana became a State in 1812, Mardi Gras was revived, and by 1827, street dancing was popular.  1837 marked the first Mardi Gras Parade. In 1857, an organized procession of costumed society members, marching bands and rolling floats entertained the Mardi Gras revelers.  That was the foundation for future Mardi Gras parades and partying.  As a REALTOR, I help many Louisiana families find their homes; but I also work with families who are relocating to Louisiana, looking for homes.  When they find their Louisiana home, they will also find a new way of life. Whether you have lived in southeast Louisiana a lifetime, a decade or only a year, you come to know Mardi Gras Magic. It's that underlying anticipation of living life to its fullest extent (before Lent arrives and you commit to "doing without" for a few weeks) that is sustained in our Louisiana everyday lifestyle.  Our culture is unlike any other.  If you can't have fun "down here," then you can't have fun anywhere!  Southeast Louisiana people enjoy living and want everyone to experience joy in their own lives.  Joy is defined in the simplest ways, such as good food, good music, dancing, laughing, creativity, outdoor activities, sports, education, family and friends. Bring a good time to whatever it is you do each day, relaxed and happy! That magical feeling of anticipation for the happening of something grand figures into our lives all year long. Parades are planned; throws crafted, costumes designed, menus prepared, masked balls and parties  scheduled... all around and through the other parts of life throughout the year, in preparation for Mardi Gras.  Other places in the USA may celebrate Mardi Gras, but only in Louisiana has it been a legal holiday since 1875. It's the only place you will live and learn our unique-to-us ...  Mardi Gras Magic.  

NORTHSHORE Mardi Gras  ... SCHEDULE for ALL PARADES ...  NEW ORLEANS Mardi Gras & Parade Schedule

Best Season to Buy or Sell?


What is the best season of all to buy or sell a home?  The answer is:  NOW!               The true secret to home sales is motivation, not season.  It is true that there are seasons when the inventory of houses for sale is higher or lower.  And it is also true that sometimes the market of buyers is more numerous due to school session or holidays.  Yes, both these factors have some impact on sales.  But underlying this is MOTIVATION.  Whether you want to buy or sell, there will be someone on the other side of the sale transaction who is ready, willing and able.  As the motivated buyer or seller, the next factor to get right is a motivated REALTOR®   This is the real estate sales agent who will represent you and your real estate needs before, during and sometimes after the transaction to buy or sell a property. How do you choose your REALTOR® ? First, go to the appropriate website. Read posted testimonials. Then call the agent for a personal chat.  Make an appointment.  Meet the REALTOR® in person.  You will know when you've found that motivated person to partner with you.  And then that will be the magic season for buying or selling a home.  Remember, it may take only a few weeks to achieve your goal. Or it may take a few months.  

Choose your REALTOR® wisely, my friend :-)          CLIENT  TESTIMONIALS

OWN it!


It is a primary instinct to desire home ownership for you and your family.  Any experienced REALTOR will educate you to find a lender and acquire a loan pre-approval letter through financial pre-qualification for a home mortgage. This is a critical step toward being able to make a serious offer when you find that home you're dreaming of buying.  Think about it:  Unless you can show proof-of-funds that you are able to pay all cash, then you need to be able to show you can borrow a sufficient amount to purchase the home.  So, get thee to a lender! As important as this step is, there is another to consider as you venture to "OWN it."  

Here's important advice: "OWN your REALTOR."  The REALTOR you hire as your personal sales agent guides you through each step of the home buying process.  Your REALTOR works for you.  From the first time you meet your REALTOR and the first home your REALTOR shows you, there is a special relationship built on trust and understanding.  It's important to choose one REALTOR to work with and cultivate loyalty in your relationship.  To "OWN your REALTOR" is the basis for a positive real estate experience, as you locate the home of your dreams and navigate through the buying process until you "OWN it."  Good luck in finding your home... and don't forget to OWN YOUR REALTOR.  "REALTOR ownership is key to HOME ownership."

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